Jim Henderson - Dreamcatcher EP - Play Label Records

Jim Henderson – Dreamcatcher EP – Play Label Records

Born into a family of musicians, he is lulled by jazz, soul and funk since his early childhood. Growing up, he fastly learned the piano, and had his first gigs in several classical music and jazz projects. This path has allowed him to develop a rich universe of tones. With his Dreamcatcher EP, Jim Henderson illustrated perfectly his open-mindedness and his ability to mix styles and genres.

This 4-track release finds its structure in a Techno mood embellished with a deep and melodic touch. The artist embarks the listener into a journey in an ethereal country of dreams with subtle and enigmatic melody. However, Jim Henderson didn’t forget the clubbers with the powerful and dynamic title track Dreamcatcher that will transform the dancefloor into a strong spaceship to dreamland. The EP ends on the dreamy Broken Souls where the bewitching voice of Kayla Galland that sublimates the energetic melody and vigorous bassline.


  • Glory – Original Mix
  • Fairies Light – Original Mix
  • Dreamcatcher – Original Mix
  • Broken Souls [feat. Kayla Galland] – Original Mix

Release date

Digital: November 7th, 2014
Streaming: November 21st, 2014

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