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Felix Cage – Secret Lover – Electronical Reeds

Electronical Reeds continues to assert itself at the top of the pile with another fine release, this time from label regard Felix Cage. His great original comes backed with a remix from Madmotormiquel and in all this package is another fantastic musical statement from both label and artist.

Brussels based artist, Felix has promoted parties and hosted radio shows as part of the Borderline Corp. collective in the past and is one of regular artists on Electronical Reeds label having also released on among others on Parquet Recordings and Spagat Music in the past. Tracks like Blizzard, From Paris With Love, Visionnaire and more have made his name revered in deep house circles and a subtle warm-up and an unexpected prime-time is the vibe Felix Cage always searches out.

Secret Lover is a moody bit of house with wobbly bass, breathy, sexual female vocal whispers and cool melodies. There is lots of feeling and musicality in the track that stands it out from the crowd and those rubbery drums are sure to get people dancing as well as feeling something special when dropped at the right moment.

Born and raised in west Berlin, Madmotormiquel is one of the founders of URSL Records topping charts on Beatport with cuts on his own imprint but also on labels like Katermukke. His track is a darker, grittier affair with more shady and serrated synths. The energy here has changed from romantic to more late night and mischievous. As such, the track rounds out yet another fine EP for Electronical Reeds.


  • Secret Lover – Original Mix
  • Secret Lover – Madmotormiquel Remix

Release date

Digital: February 11th, 2015 (Traxsource) – February 23rd, 2015 (Worldwide)

The Checkup – The Factor – Electronical Reeds

2014 is coming to an end with Electronical Reeds concluding on a high note by welcoming The Checkup, the new Belgian duo that has been buzzing since this year’s start. After successful releases on Solo Music, Beef Records and Large Music with multiple Traxsource top 10 charts, The Checkup presents their new gem on Electronical Reeds.

When baseline addict Raphael meets chords maestro Alex, you know that something magic will happen. From the very start of the track the listeners know a dancefloor anthem is about to hit the club.

The German duo Smash TV delivers a powerful and dynamic version of the track with a punchy baseline and deep groovy touch. The second remix is made by another duo, Shades Of Gray, who explore the warmth of the original version and infuse it with their trademark sound. Last but not least is a remix by DJ Schwa who offers a more techno variation of the original with his “stripped back” remix.


  • The Factor – Original Mix
  • The Factor – Smash TV Remix
  • The Factor – Shades Of Gray Remix
  • The Factor – DJ Schwa Stripped Back Remix

Release date

Digital: December 5th, 2014 (Traxsource) // December 19th, 2014 (Worldwide)
Streaming: December 19th, 2014

Jim Henderson – Dreamcatcher EP – Play Label Records

Born into a family of musicians, he is lulled by jazz, soul and funk since his early childhood. Growing up, he fastly learned the piano, and had his first gigs in several classical music and jazz projects. This path has allowed him to develop a rich universe of tones. With his Dreamcatcher EP, Jim Henderson illustrated perfectly his open-mindedness and his ability to mix styles and genres.

This 4-track release finds its structure in a Techno mood embellished with a deep and melodic touch. The artist embarks the listener into a journey in an ethereal country of dreams with subtle and enigmatic melody. However, Jim Henderson didn’t forget the clubbers with the powerful and dynamic title track Dreamcatcher that will transform the dancefloor into a strong spaceship to dreamland. The EP ends on the dreamy Broken Souls where the bewitching voice of Kayla Galland that sublimates the energetic melody and vigorous bassline.


  • Glory – Original Mix
  • Fairies Light – Original Mix
  • Dreamcatcher – Original Mix
  • Broken Souls [feat. Kayla Galland] – Original Mix

Release date

Digital: November 7th, 2014
Streaming: November 21st, 2014

O-Live – The Cornerstone – Electronical Reeds

For the latest chapter in the Electronical Reeds story, the label presents a new EP by the label’s regular O-Live. Debuting on the label last year courtesy of “Past Future” EP followed up by ‘’In My Head’ (which appeared on the label’s Y3ARS release), his latest inclination is “The Cornerstone”, a hefty slice of Kompakt-esque house that stands out from the pack thanks to its waif-like melodies and its refined grooves.

The original offers an early case in point. Imbued with sensuous sounds and a fair dollop of suspense, it keeps the listener’s attention thanks to a maelstrom of delightful sounds, all of which play out with elegance. On the remix front is one of KaterMukke’s most familiar artists, Sascha Cawa. The Berlin-based artist beefs it up as he tends to do thanks to a sprinkling of his own production magic. Definitly an apt sound with which to close out the summer with.

Last but not least is another original, ‘The Girl’, a track that offers further indication of the producer’s penchant for spiky, glistening synths. A fitting finale to sign off with that is indicative of a producer – and a label – that’s very much at the top of their respective games.


  • O-Live – The Cornerstone (Original Mix)
  • O-Live – The Cornerstone (Sascha Cawa Remix)
  • O-Live – The Girl (Original Mix)

Release date

Digital: September 19th, 2014
Streaming: October 17th, 2014 (Exclusively on Deezer: October 3rd, 2014)

Boss Axis – Continental – Play Label Records

After two strong releases produced by Exon Bacon and Red’Out, Play Label Records welcomes its first international guest Boss Axis on its imprint. Regular headliner of Parquet Recordings, this German duo completes the artistic direction of Play Label Records and consolidates a feeling that oscillates between a real dancefloor approach and a strong party spirit with an emotional summertime touch. The feel good original mix of Continental opens the release and embarks the listeners into a summer deep house journey with dynamic punchy bassline on a highly heady melody. It is clearly the perfect track for all the beach or open air parties of this summer.

This one gets three great remixes from Marquez Ill, DkA and O.D.Math. This latter revisits the track in a more rhythmic way with a complete new arrangement of the percussions and a darker spirit and more electro touch on the melody. For its part, the Belgian artist DkA increase the rhythm while doing a great work on the synths that becomes a bit more hypnotic, bewitching and floating. The well-known Berlin-based artist Marquez Ill closes this release with a remix faithful to his musical universe oscillating between German Deep House and powerful Tech House.

With three strong releases, Play Label has proved that it is a label on which we must definitively keep an eye.


  • Boss Axis – Continental (Original Mix)
  • Boss Axis – Continental (DkA Remix)
  • Boss Axis – Continental (O.D.Math Remix)
  • Boss Axis – Continental (Marquez Ill Remix)

Release date

Digital: September 20th, 2014
Streaming: October 10th, 2014 (Exclusively on Deezer: September 26th, 2014)