Egor Boss – Needles & Fibers EP – Signaletik Records

Signaletik Records launches its first sublabel, a label exclusively digital wishing to become a springboard for artists of tomorrow. For this first release, they decided to collaborate with a young Ukrainian producer: Egor Boss.

Egor Boss, although already known in his country, is also gaining popularity in the international scene now.
Since the beginning of his career in 2006, this producer has already produced no less than forty releases and has already received critical acclaim. Again, Signaletik Records stands for quality and they touch the dancefloor within its soul: rhythm and emotion.

Egor Boss delivers us a sound as sharp as a needle with “Needles & Fibers”, with old school tone on lead climbing gradually to the most current kick. Track labelised “100% Techno”.
Electric Rescue delivers us, meanwhile, a remix on his trademark: the Minimal version of the title and, with an efficiency that will fool most of one clubbers with a break of madness, a swelled kick and an immediate rhythmic. Luggage? Ready! Taking off? Now! Continue reading Egor Boss – Needles & Fibers EP – Signaletik Records

Danzca – Naphtalina EP – Signaletik Records

After the Dutchman Darko Esser, the Dutch duo Warren Fellow & Michael Steinbach, French Electric Rescue, Signaletik Records signed a second artist and duo from its country of origin, Danzca.

Danzca is an unlikely gamble of two French DJs Paul Nazca and Maxime Dangles, a gamble with an incredible result as amazing and surprising as the hypothetic and unexpected four aces. Maxime Dangles is a young emerging DJ having made his debut on Bambú Records and Kompakt. From a provincial spotty man, he acquired the status of emerging artist of the French stage in less time than it takes to write. Paul Nazca, an old man in comeback, is known by everyone for his many “dancefloor killers”, on Scandium Records among other things, and the tracks “de son moulin” (from his windmill). Some old, some new, and the duo Danzca takes shape. Furthermore, they are not at their first attempt and they have blithely passed the test with their first EP, Speicher 63, released on Kompakt.
Signaletik Records presents their last production, Naphtalina EP, as explosive as some Napalm bombs. Continue reading Danzca – Naphtalina EP – Signaletik Records

TheClubbing & Signaletik Records are looking for a new producer

TheClubbing and French label Signaletik Records are working together to promote a new producer. Both structures have been collaborating for quite a few months now and their common vision of music as well as the animated passion led to the desire to offer an opportunity to a yet unknown producer. This contest is open to everyone, without age or border limitations, and it will see the winner on the label during 2010. A release would not be the same without one or more remixers by choice, the winner will see his track remixed by one or more renowned producers selected accordingly the style of the winning track.

Signaletik Records, created a little over a year ago, has already produced such artists like Darko Esser, Scan X, Electric Rescue, Warren Fellow, Julian Jeweil and Mark Broom. The year 2010 starts, for them, with another release that will not pass by unnoticed, the new production by the French duo Danzca, Naphthaline EP, including a remix by Joey Beltram, without forgetting the next release by young Ukrainian, Egor Boss.  A young dynamic and serious label, recognized and in full rising.  A label supported by the biggest DJs of the electronic music scene such as Dave Clarke, Cari Lekebusch, Stephan Bodzin, Ken Ishii, DJ3000, Marco Bailey, Tomaz,… Continue reading TheClubbing & Signaletik Records are looking for a new producer

New media: TheClubbing Media Group

Since last month your agency managed the communication of TheClubbing Media Group. This website dedicated to electronic music is one of the most famous in Belgium and France, it produced also radio shows and episodes of Web TV. site saw the light of day on February 6th 2003 as the result of a project initiated in November 2002. Born from the fusion of two sites handling the world of electronic music, the first one focused on the Brussels nightlife and the second one focused on nightlife in Wallonia.  Right from the start, had the principle to extend its field of information throughout Belgium, and to offer an entirely French site with a community spirit. There already were info sites in Dutch and English but no French-speaking community site dealt with Belgium on an event-based entirety.

As time went by, offered an enrichment of its content by adding to its agenda and associated forum, DJ interviews, articles on new releases, party pictures, contests, articles on partynews, etc. Continue reading New media: TheClubbing Media Group

New label: Signaletik Records

One of the best new label dedicated to electronic music, Signaletik Records, entrusted its communication to our agency since this month.

Signaletik Records is born from the experience of two associations from Lille, North of France, which act since many years in the organization of electronic events : DVIASON & SOUND of SAND.

They both brought parties in one of the top underground club of France, Kiosk Club, in Lille with schedules in constant qualitative evolution, a true identity and a high rotation of international artists such as Andrew Weatherall, The Hacker, Damian Lazarus, Housemeister, Savas Pascalidis or Radioactive Man, Stephan Bodzin, Misc Live, Umwelt Live, Heartthrob Live, Paul Kalkbrenner Live, Sascha Funke, David Keno, Phil Kieran, Billy Nasty, Jamie Jones, Maetrik Live, Joris Voorn, Redshape, Deetron, 2000 & One, Raudive aka Oliver Ho, Julian Jeweil, Popof, Electric Rescue,… Continue reading New label: Signaletik Records

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