Various Artists – Y3ARS – Electronical Reeds

The Brussels-based label Electronical Reeds celebrates its 3 years. With a well-established and jam-packed background, the label aims to mark this occasion with a special release. Not just a simple compilation, this label album imprints the sincere vision of today’s electronic music by Electronical Reeds and its artists. The open-minded and patient work of label management and passionate work of artists allowed Electronical Reeds to rise to a new level achieving current musical variety and quality of its catalogue. This latter is reflected by radio broadcasts in more than 65 countries around the world, and support by some of the world’s biggest DJs including Sasha, Sebastien Leger, Laurent Garnier, Stephan Bodzin, Derrick May, Agoria, Maceo Plex, Nic Fanciulli, Nick Warren, Dave Clarke, John Digweed,…

The album opens with the subtle and bewitched Catalunya composed by the two Hamburg-based producers, Pazul & Deepling. They immerse us in their universe of mild deep house where sensitivity meets a melancholic feel. The Brussels-based artist TMP brings us on a path of African sounds from Mali and Morocco. On those tribal sounds and synth tabs, a deep vocal sample completes the track.

As implied by the title, Meet You is the first collaboration between the well-known French producer Max Duke and the Belgian singer Mat Vega. Between Mat Vega’s high-pitched voice and the Max Duke’s piano melody, a Deep House anthem is draws itself with each note.

The following two tracks are produced by two newcomers on Electronical Reeds. O-Live, who released Past Futre last May, and O.D.Math’s, who did a remix on this mentioned EP, offer two energetic and powerful House tracks. Bring It Back presents a groovy and funky bassline while In My Head is a bit more melodic.

The sixth track was composed by one of the Electronical Reeds’ headliners, Felix Cage. After seven EPs, the success story between the artist and the label continues. With a track name like Visionnaire (visionary), there is something prescient about the upcoming projects. This production reflects the subtle musical richness and melancholic groove tat Felix Cage instills in his different works.

Going deeper in the release we discover U.S.E., a collaboration between a well-known artist and close friend of the label Pole Folder and the Icelandic singer Simon Latham. Oscillating between Deep and Progressive House, the track offers a dreamy and hypnotic 8-minutes journey filled with sparkles of emotions.

After the emotional build up with U.S.E. we are back on the dancefloor with a House track courtesy of Belgian Lex Newton. Camden reminds to every electronic music lovers the early days of House Music with a groovy bassline inspired by the classic anthems of the 90’s. This approach continues with Brussels-based Superdrums and his funky You Snooze You Looze. Both are clearly dancefloor killers.

The Parisian artist DJ Kaine held on to his Dub universe through his track What Do You Want Me To Say. This later is a perfect springboard to introduce Yann & Tristan’s title Barthroom Strangler a powerful techno detour of this release clearly aimed at those inspired by the atmosphere of Laurent Garnier’s set.
Before closing the release with another Parisian producer Ephti and his track P.A.M. that unites Electronica and Techno, the album welcomes the Berlin artist Marquez Ill, under his alias Arquette with his 7-minutes powerful Tech House bomb!

Those 13 tracks of the anniversary label album consolidate the foundation that Electronical Reeds has been patiently building over the past 3 years that will serve as a new standard for the upcoming projects and strengthens the will of having a real open-minded approach of the Electronic Music.
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Superdrums – Save Me EP – Electronical Reeds

The latest EP to derive from the Electronical Reeds camp comes courtesy of a man who’s well versed in making the dancefloor move. Belgian producer Superdrums (who recently remixed Felix Cage’s ”Magda & Magdalena” for the imprint), takes sole control this time, with the ‘Save Me’ EP a thrilling insight into his eclectic and fun-fueled take on electronic music.

This instantly comes to light on the original track, latin flavoured track that wastes no time exploding into a whirlwind of colour thanks to its jungle-inspired vocals and its firm, hands-in-the-air, guitar led bassline. Shrewd stuff that’s sure to ignite and dancefloor, regardless of their inclinations.

Gallic producer Max Duke‘s take on the track is an altogether different proposition entirely, as he melds it into a beast that’s more interested in harmonious chords, cascading flutes and subtle vocal flourishes rather than ubiquitous percussion and samba-esque vibes. It’s a more than worthy remix, and one that neatly conveys the label’s desire to harbour an array of different sounds.

Lastly, it’s back to Superdrums himself for the EP’s closing gambit, ”Salted Stress”. Once again, catchiness is key, as is the litany of, well, drums, that force an impression. As the b-line intensifies, so too does the action, with the track barely pausing for breadth until its much longed-for drop finally struts its stuff around the half-way mark. This is clever work by, Superdrums and Max Duke – and another coup for the the Electronical Reeds camp.
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Felix Cage – A Cat On A Ledge EP – Electronical Reeds

Noticed by well-known electronic music artists and media after several successful EPs, Felix Cage affirms his presence on Electronical Reeds with new productions. Since 2010, the label and the Brussels based Russian artist have expanded their collaborations and chained success stories. Through this three-track EP Felix Cage continues to spread his artistic wings, unlock his creative mind and show his talent.

This time Felix offers a more Tech House approach of his sound without losing his melodic and very personal touch: an extraordinary ability to use perfectly the synths. The title track catches instantly the attention and embeds the listener into a journey enhanced with a smooth, warm and drawling vocal. “Madga & Magdalena” on the other hand positions itself as a seductively deep club track. Felix Cage keeps the synth and the deep atmosphere of the tracks but injects a more powerful rhythm intended to catch instantly the dancefloor.

This 27th release announces as well the first collaboration between Electronical Reeds and the well-known producer Superdrums. He chooses to revisit “Magda & Magdalena” and create a pure Tech House bomb that will burn all the dancefloors and bring into its wake each part of the clubbers’ bodies. It is definitively a “must have” EP for your summer season!
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O-Live – Past Future EP – Electronical Reeds

Electronical Reeds is proud to welcome a new talent O-Live, in its team, with his first EP. This new release starts with the very strong original version of Past Future, real tribute inspired by House music that shaped O-Live when he was young. But it is not only a tribute; it is also a kind of rebirth thanks to the modern approach used in this track. This EP is supplemented by four remixes and four new visions produced by four artists from Electronical Reeds’ team. Felix Cage opens the set with a powerful remix where we can easily recognize his own personal touch. For his part, Lex Newton goes back in the past to revive our memories of the 90’s electronic music. TMP choose a counterbalanced approach with a strong Tech House anthem. And last but not least, the Brussels-based young talent O.D.Math offers us his first remix to close this strong release.
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Lex Newton – Back To NY EP – Electronical Reeds

The Brussels-based producer Lex Newton comes back into the spotlight with “Back To NY EP”. His warmly welcomed remix of Blizzard on Electronical Reeds makes this release a highly anticipated one. The eponymous track brings back the old school spirit with some fresh groove, and is a tribute to one of the birthplace of House music, New York City. The rhythm sets up quickly as well as a warm black male voice that reminds of vocals from another birthplace of House music, Chicago. The tracks then build up with a powerful bass and screaming horns, not unlike some old disco standards from the Big Apple. Chicago-style vocals, New York-inspired mood and catchy drums make for a glowing tribute track that will set dance floors on fire.

The “42nd Street” is a famous NYC street just a few steps away from Times Square, hosting probably the most world-renowned musicals. It certainly can be considered as a landmark of the city that never sleeps. Not unlike this lively street, the track relies on its powerful melody and effective groove to get the audience dancing. Add a kick with added vitamin, a simple yet bouncy bass line and a delay-based climax to the mix, and you’ve got the perfect prime time track for your set.

To close this three-track EP, Lex Newton offers one of his specialty, a cappuccino prepared the Lex Newton way, generally called the Funkaccino. This beverage, which preparation is kept secret, offers a delicate but flavorsome aroma. The key of this blend resides in the selection of its ingredients: a strong House coming from the roasting of a carefully cultivated Tech House, topped with a light vocal cream. This energizing drink is already recommended by many specialists that have been able to notice its highly positive effect on a dancefloor.

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