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Exon Bacon – Watching Dogs EP – Play Label Records

After two strong releases on Electronical Reeds, the Brussels-based artist Exon Bacon inaugurates Play Label Records with his latest EP, Watching Dogs. Play Label Records is the extension of the collective Play Label that has become a key player in the music scene of Brussels with more than hundreds of events to its credit. This first release sets up the artistic direction of this label that seeks to develop a real dancefloor approach and a strong party spirit.

The release is opened by the original mix that could be summarize with the expression “powerful bassline, persistent heady voice and burning dancefloor”. The Parisian duo Villanova embarks us into a spin with a darker atmosphere, a deep foreground voice and a strong and repetitive gimmick. This remix reminds us why this Parisian duo knows such rapid ascent on the worldwide electronic scene. The Berlin-based and San Francisco born artist Yooj takes the opposite course to two first tracks with a deeper approach and a lighter atmosphere to offer a sunny and tasty deep house track that will delight all the dancefloor. Lastly, DC Salas, another Belgian talent, filters the voice, redefines the percussion and opens the horizon to take the direction of Tech House track.

This Exon Bacon’s EP acts as the foundation stone of a future label to keep an eye on and to follow with a great attention.
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DC Salas – Sun EP – Woodstrasse Records

Enthusiasm, dynamism, excitement. These adjectives are generally associated with youth. They are also the basic working conditions for Woodstrasse, the parties that take place every Thursday since 2 years, bringing to Brussels the finest producers the German house/techno scene has to offer. The creators are young: they have the enthusiasm of an original music lover, the dynamism it needs to build a strong community without boundaries, and the excitement of a first record being released. After being worshipped by their successful events, Woodstrasse goes creative with this EP.

Here is their first project: “Sun EP”, which gives the chance to put D.C. Salas on top of the page again. Young and promising artist from Brussels who has already produced 3 excellent maxis, his source of talent is far from drying out. This time he keeps us squeezed between his polyrythmic beats, with here and there a few tropical-based elements and subtle vocals staying discreetly in the background. In the middle of the track the rise gets held-back while a cold synthesizer appears out of nowhere, giving it a much “deeper” soul. The drums and kicks keep us dancing while its charisma stays classy.

Meanwhile Woodstrasse keeps its main goal in sight, bringing two Berlin-based producers to the field. First in view is the remix offered by Koljah, transforming it into a classical house track, nearly Chicago-ish, with a funky & slapping beat, perfect for the dancefloor. Then we have Martin Patiño who brings us a sublime variation composed of latino percussions, a beautiful vocal sample and a more than intense rise to find a long break being filled with a subtle piano appearance which continues after the climax is reached. A secret beauty that finishes this very rich EP, for a first try, it’s hard to do better… Continue reading DC Salas – Sun EP – Woodstrasse Records