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Exon Bacon – Watching Dogs EP – Play Label Records

After two strong releases on Electronical Reeds, the Brussels-based artist Exon Bacon inaugurates Play Label Records with his latest EP, Watching Dogs. Play Label Records is the extension of the collective Play Label that has become a key player in the music scene of Brussels with more than hundreds of events to its credit. This first release sets up the artistic direction of this label that seeks to develop a real dancefloor approach and a strong party spirit.

The release is opened by the original mix that could be summarize with the expression “powerful bassline, persistent heady voice and burning dancefloor”. The Parisian duo Villanova embarks us into a spin with a darker atmosphere, a deep foreground voice and a strong and repetitive gimmick. This remix reminds us why this Parisian duo knows such rapid ascent on the worldwide electronic scene. The Berlin-based and San Francisco born artist Yooj takes the opposite course to two first tracks with a deeper approach and a lighter atmosphere to offer a sunny and tasty deep house track that will delight all the dancefloor. Lastly, DC Salas, another Belgian talent, filters the voice, redefines the percussion and opens the horizon to take the direction of Tech House track.

This Exon Bacon’s EP acts as the foundation stone of a future label to keep an eye on and to follow with a great attention.
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Compilation: Electronical Reeds 2 Years

October 2010, Electronical Reeds released its first EP and quickly won the respect of several well-known DJs, artists and medias. Two years later, after more than twenty releases and after several Top100, Electronical Reeds celebrates its second birthday with a special retrospective compilation with the crème de la crème of its artists. Let’s go for this journey through two years of releases.

The birthday of Electronical Reeds will be also celebrate with two special events at Wood (Brussels) with Uner, Martin Patino, Rodriguez Jr, Felix Cage, Mezza Luna, TMP, Optional Feast, Souldust, Ephti and Exon Bacon. More information with this trailer or at this address.

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Exon Bacon – Shapes Of Time EP – Electronical Reeds

After his first release Crispy EP last summer, the Brussels-based artist Exon Bacon is back on Electronical Reeds. Since the moment he was discovered by Play Label collective back in 2009, this young composer is regularly on tour and also brilliantly kicking off his own parties going in Brussels by the name of the Downtown Club. With the return of spring, the track “Sunny Day” is sure to catch the audience with its light melody with jazzy inspirations and punchy baseline in the moment of a radiant. Martin Patiño’s remix follows the same sunny pattern with a more dancefloor feeling by putting accent on the brass and by adding a voice tinged Afro House. This atmosphere is offset by Dub version. Indeed, the Italian artist keeps only the darkest elements and slowed the rhythm to provide a heavier and more shadowy atmosphere.

“Last Tango In Berlin” begins with a light but very present rhythm, very quickly accompanied by strings specific to the musical universe of the artist, creating a light and subtle journey. For the last remix of the EP, the English artist based in Berlin, Dave Ellesmere, brings a very different vision compared to the original. From the start, after a quick intro, a powerful kick knocks down the dancefloor and is complemented by a devilishly efficient rhythm, offering a delicate mix between the gentle strings of the original and the Dave Ellesmere’s massive baseline

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Essential Reeds Vol. 1 – Electronical Reeds

Electronical Reeds launches its first compilation in the beginning of 2012. With thirteen releases in fifteen months of existence, the Franco-Belgian label has mixed young talents and already confirmed artists. Through the “Essential Reeds” compilation Electronical Reeds is looking back at the releases of the past months offering thirteen tracks of its ever growing catalogue. With supports from DJs like Sebastien Leger, Uner, Rennie Foster or Secret Cinema among others, label’s artists were able to establish themselves and grow on the electronic music scene throughout 2011. “Essential Reeds” is a look in label’s past before a new busy year. Continue reading Essential Reeds Vol. 1 – Electronical Reeds

Exon Bacon – Crispy EP – Electronical Reeds

Young Brussels-based artist and DJ, Exon Bacon is discovered in 2009 by Play Label. Since, he could find his place within this organization and plays regularly in Brussels at events such as Play, Downtown or Anarchic. Electronical Reeds is always looking for new talents and so it’s evident for the label to welcome him in its team for his first release, Crispy EP.

Since the beginning, the musical universe of this young artist is present. An efficient mix between a powerful kick, a deep spirit and melodic atmosphere, he distills his recipe in different proportions through the three tracks of this EP. From a harder “Storm” to “Up To The Ground” reserved for a warm up and through the bewitching “One Way Ticket To Space”, Exon Bacon shows his full future potential.
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