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Sasha Wins & Igor Shep – Charoplet EP Part 2 – Signaletik Records

Signaletik Records continues its momentum of duets after Warren Fellow & Michael Steinbach and French Danzca, the label has set her sights on a duet from Belarus, Sasha Wins & Igor Shep. This collaboration is very special because, first, contains two original tracks and two remixes, and secondly, it is in two volumes. Each will find the version of those titles that best match their musical aspirations.

This second volume, which may be called “Remixes”, includes two titles. After a remix of “Charoplet” by Maetrik on the first volume, two other artists bring a new vision of this track.

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Egor Boss – Needles & Fibers EP – Signaletik Records

Signaletik Records launches its first sublabel, a label exclusively digital wishing to become a springboard for artists of tomorrow. For this first release, they decided to collaborate with a young Ukrainian producer: Egor Boss.

Egor Boss, although already known in his country, is also gaining popularity in the international scene now.
Since the beginning of his career in 2006, this producer has already produced no less than forty releases and has already received critical acclaim. Again, Signaletik Records stands for quality and they touch the dancefloor within its soul: rhythm and emotion.

Egor Boss delivers us a sound as sharp as a needle with “Needles & Fibers”, with old school tone on lead climbing gradually to the most current kick. Track labelised “100% Techno”.
Electric Rescue delivers us, meanwhile, a remix on his trademark: the Minimal version of the title and, with an efficiency that will fool most of one clubbers with a break of madness, a swelled kick and an immediate rhythmic. Luggage? Ready! Taking off? Now! Continue reading Egor Boss – Needles & Fibers EP – Signaletik Records