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Sasha Wins & Igor Shep – Charoplet EP – Signaletik Records

Signaletik Records continues its momentum of duets after Warren Fellow & Michael Steinbach and French Danzca, the label has set her sights on a duet from Belarus, Sasha Wins & Igor Shep. This collaboration is very special because, firstly, it contains two original tracks and two remixes, and secondly, it is in two volumes. Each will find the version of those titles that best match their musical aspirations.

The two original tracks, “Charoplet” and “Give Me Beat, Freaaaaaks!”, are two tracks tailored for the dancefloor and cause the universal enthusiasm of a crowd in the dark. Atmospheric and mental, they have a side air that leaves no one indifferent. “Charoplet” is rocked by layers of synths with drums carefully measured to ensure the effect. “Give Me Beat Freaaaaaks!” resumed the recipe but in a more open way with a metallic voice that takes us into a world away from home, a world full of bass, rhythm and clubbers.

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